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DID YOU KNOW: Companies purposefully have their mascots’ eyes tilted downward in order to make eye contact with children walking down grocery store aisles, essentially hypnotizing them into begging Mommy for their product.

The Evil Trick Food Companies Use to Brainwash Kids

#3. It’s Not Just Cereal Boxes

It’s everywhere, hiding in plain sight. And the most glaringly obvious offender? Fucking Lucky Charms. Imagine being a 5-year-old kid walking through the grocery store, and these bulging white Irish eyes pop out, smiling down in your direction. … You turn once again, trying to resist the subliminal order, and guess who’s waiting for you there. So now you’re spinning around the aisle with all these eyes just beaming down at you, begging you — and by “begging” we mean holding a mental gun to your 5-year-old, unsophisticated id — to buy their shit. 

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